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As you grow your business, there are times that you need outside technology leadership. Whether you are making a strategic shift, your current CIO role is vacant, or you have a project that needs senior leadership, we can provide you with someone to support you.

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Merger and Aquisition Technical Assistance

Whether you are buying or selling, Breakaway Analytics can make your transaction successful. Our team has conducted technical due diligence and integration on multiple company acquisitions. We can help you assess the technical capabilities and risks and the security risks with the company you are buying.

The work doesn't stop at the acquisition stage, our team has successfully integrated small to medium companies to make the acquisition successful.

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CTO Advisory Services

As your company grows, the role of the CTO will evolve to handle the increasing challenges of a technology company. Our firm can assist you, as the CTO evolve how you lead your team and the company.

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Board Cyber Risk Advisory Services

The threat of your company being attacked by an outside hacker continues to grow daily. As the threat increases, the amount you have to invest continues to increase. We work with companies to help you assess the risk of cyberattacks on your environment and help you determine where your investments should be going to minimize the risk to your business.

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Infrastructure and Operations Strategic Guidance

Striking the right balance between optimizing costs and investing in your business's platforms is challenging. When you don't make suitable investments, your competitors can surpass you. You can also easily invest too much without seeing any results. We can help you translate the impact of infrastructure projects and help you make the right investments for competitive advantage.

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What We Believe

Innovation creates success

In order to break away from the pack, you have to make a move at the right time. Doing what you have done will only keep in the pack. For technology solutions, we can help you assess your best move and when you should make it. Our team has worked in high growth companies that needed to re-invent themselves to stay competitive.

Strategy + Execution Wins

You need to have a good, sound strategy to achieve your goals. Being smart about where you put your time, energy, and finances is important. However, you reach the highest value when you execute the strategy and evolve the plan as you learn more about the customers you serve. Strategy is important, but the execution is where you achieve value. It takes both to win.

Think Differently

Unique problems can't be solved with cookie-cutter solutions. That's why we use our unique combination of knowledge in business, technology, and analytics to solve problems and create a competitive advantage for you.

Don't be a follower

We'll help you break away.

Who We Are

Brian Oldham

A veteran in the technology industry, Brian has led organizations to utilize the public cloud and overseen a wide variety of teams deliver unique products to complex problems. Brian originally graduated from Purdue University, and spent two decades at Appriss helping the software company grow at a 20% annual growth rate in revenue as it's CTO and CIO.

Our Team

We are backed by a group of senior leaders and professionals that have successfully led IT organizations at growth companies. They understand the nuances to successfully grow the IT organization through organic and acquisitive growth.

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