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At Breakaway Analytics, we create innovative solutions to drive your business forward.

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What We Believe

Technology is Your Friend

If tech is supposed to help us, why does it seem as if its making our lives harder? We build solutions that are designed to simplify your life through intelligent use of analytics and data, but without all the baggage.

Fitness is Power

Fitness - mental and physical - drives the things we can accomplish. It makes people more productive, happier, healthier, and longer living. We're building solutions to help people, and companies, become fitter in every sense of the word.

Think Differently

Unique problems can't be solved with cookie-cutter solutions. That's why we use our unique combination of knowledge in business, technology, and analytics to solve problems in ways people haven't thought of yet.

Don't be a follower

We'll help you break away.

Who We Are

Brian Oldham

A veteran in the technology industry, Brian has led organizations to utilize the public cloud and overseen a wide variety of teams deliver unique products to complex problems. Brian originally graduated from Purdue University, and spent two decades at Appriss helping the software company grow at a 20% annual growth rate in revenue as it's CTO and CIO.

Jarret Oldham

Also a graduate from Purdue University, Jarret spent his first 3 years out of college as a technology consultant in Chicago delivering innovative analytics solutions to help clients answer questions they didn't know they had.

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